The Graduate has been setup to help graduates decide what they want to do once they have finished their university education, providing students with guidance on which career paths they can choose to take.

A lot of students are unsure of what options they have once they have finished university and this website aims to help those students by showing them what choices they have available to them.

By exploring all of the different options available, students will hopefully be able to use this website to help them make better formed decisions on what they will do with their future once their degree at university has been completed.

A few words from the Author..

“Hi, I’m Terry Johnson. In 2016 I graduated from university. After graduation, I spent next summer completely unsure about my future and what direction I wanted to go in. This was a big decision and I had absolutely no idea on what I should be doing with my life. I did good work whilst at university, attending lectures and getting good grades but i did not prepare myself well enough for my future career once I had finished. I have created this website to stop you from making the same mistakes that I did. Hopefully it will help you out and give you a better idea of where you want to go in your life. If I can do that, then my mission has been achieved. “