Skip Hire in North Wales: What are the largest skips Available?

The largest in the range, the 24 cubic metre walk in models have an impressive width and depth, allowing for easy disposal of larger items.

These bins for hire are ideal for:
Household waste
Other light waste


These are hire bins for domestic or general waste only, due to weight restrictions; no bricks, concrete, soil or tiles can be included in these loads. You can now arrange bin hire in North Wales online through our fast and easy online quote system. For more information on skip hire North Wales-wide, contact us today.

Delivered to your door

With Unlimited Access bin hire North Wales-wide you receive fast, friendly and professional delivery and collection – direct to your door. The 24 m models have a rental period of 48 hours; additional days will be charged accordingly. Being large hire bins, domestic customers may need to arrange council permits for placement on nature strips or roads. We can arrange these for you for a small fee, saving you time, hassle and paperwork.

Sizeable solution

The 24m bins for hire have the following dimensions:
Length: 5.8m
Width: 2.5m
Height: 1.7m
Walk-in access allows easy disposal of large, unwieldy furniture items and branches. We process all of your waste at our transfer station, making the entire-process hassle-free.
Should you choose to place the 24m model in your driveway or carport, you will need to ensure that the delivery truck has 3.1m width and 3m height clearance to back into. In some circumstances, the driver may be able to deliver to a driveway with 2.6 m length.
For full-service skip hire in North Wales at an affordable price, book online today or contact us for more information.

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Could a Graduate Job in Skip Hire Be For You?

What is Skip Hire all about?

Whether you are planning on doing improvements to the interior of your home or to the exterior, as you will know depending on the job in hand you can potentially accumulate a lot of waste, as a result of this you can end up having to make numerous trips to your local waste depot or waste station, not only that though normally you would have to use your own vehicle to transport the waste, whilst this maybe fine for small amounts of waste that can fit into your boot, for larger amounts or waste you wouldn’t really want to transport yourself then one simple solution is to hire a skip from your local skip hire company.

Here’s how it works. First you need to find a skip hire service in your area – for this article we are focusing on North Wales. Then you need to call them up and tell them about the waste you wish to dispose of. They will advise you on the size and grade of the bin. Then when you are ready you can call them up and have them send you the bin. Now, there are two ways of doing this. Either you can collect all the waste and call the company and have them haul it away for you or you can hire the bag for the duration of the job and then have them collect it after you are done with it. How you want to go about it is up to you and depends on the charges levied by your local skip hire company.

Skips in North Wales can normally be hired in a number of different sizes so you can choose one that is perfect for your particular requirement based on the job in hand, for example for smaller amounts of waste you may only need a 6 cubic metre mini skip, or for larger jobs in North Wales you may need a 24 cubic metre skip. Obviously skip sizes can vary depending on the company, the above are just examples.

Their use has become very essential because one can’t just keep throwing around their trash everywhere. By using these one can keep collecting their garbage in one place and when the bag is full it can be sealed and thrown into a skip or can be kept outside the how for the garbage vans to collect them. They are then disposed off in the right place. They are sometimes made out of recycled material so they do not cause any harm to the environment. They can be bought in bulk and can be stored anywhere in your house. They are bought both for household and commercial reasons.

They are lightweight and can be easily carried even when full of household or construction trash as they don’t have the additional weight of a traditional skip bin. As they are readily available anywhere they can buy easily and they require less searching for. They are less expensive and hence, they are very cost-effective. They can be used wherever and whenever it is required. They are strong enough to carry trash up to a certain limit. They are huge and strong enough to be used at construction sited for throwing away debris.

They help to keep a surrounding clean. They are ready to use and once bought can be kept anywhere as required. The weight they can fill up to is almost 1.5 tonnes. This show how huge the space is. If a consumer wants it to be collected immediately he can simply dial the number of these garbage collecting companies and the job is done. This service is available 24 hours a day.

What a Skip Hire Job in North Wales may involve

Maintaining accurate records and logs.

Attending training sessions and team meetings.

Meeting agreed time schedules and remaining flexible to meet the needs of the business.

Communicating with customers both face to face and via the phone.

Remaining calm and polite at all times.

Meeting all team targets.

You must be

Physically fit and active to cope with the demands of the role.

Willing to adapt to new processes.

Willing to attend training and work within health and safety guidelines.

Able to speak to customers and provide a first class customer service.

Willing to work with a highly successful and fun team

Applicants with 3 or less points will be considered

Industry experience is ESSENTIAL

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Finding Graduate Jobs in the UK

graduate jobs uk

Hunting a graduate job might seem so hard for some people; others get so lucky finding jobs just right after graduation. Actually it is nothing about luck, it is hard work and doing the right steps that help them get their graduation career. The main problem is that more companies are not even willing to hire people in their companies, however there are lots of jobs are still being posted and you will get one of them.

Before graduation, start thinking what your dream graduate job is and what the ways to get it are. If you want to work in photography for example, start taking courses about it in your summer free time, it is very important to use free times you have while study that will save you lots of time after graduation when you should be working. Always use summer time to learn new skills and they will help you find better jobs.

Graduate careers market is very competitive and it is generally difficult finding careers now with all economic changes the whole world is facing, some companies refuse to hold interviews or even to receive graduate CVs. If you are a graduate or close to join them, you should have a clear plan of what you want to do and how you are going to do it. I will try to give you some guidelines to graduate jobs.

First of all you have to prepare a professional CV and post it to graduate jobs you run in to, Make sure it is detailed, oriented, and clear. It is also recommended to present different CVs to different jobs, especially when it comes to the objective section.

You should also give some thought to particular fields that you would want to work in so that you can have better knowledge and more related CVs to them.

You can find lots of websites online that constantly post jobs and all you have to do is sign up for them and maybe post your CV and whenever they have any graduate job that might make a good match for you, they will be happy to notify you through email. Most of this website will have job forums that can contain good information about writing CV, preparing for job interviews, and finding a graduate job in the first place.

Now, when you have the opportunity to make a job interview, don’t panic and lose it. Prepare for the interview by asking about the company profiles, getting more knowledge about its history, and getting all information you can find about this company.

You should also prepare for the interview by having a mock interview with one of your family or friends and this will help you practice. You can find popular interview questions online and they even come with answers, but I do not recommend this at all, you need to prepare answers that truly represent your style. Decent companies would be looking for personality as well as professional skills as you are going to present the company by joining their team.

Preparing for hunting a graduate job should start right after you finish your last year exams. Make a CV, post it to graduate career website, search for information about interview skills and questions, and soon you will be heading to have your first graduate job interview.

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